After reviewing candidates representing over 150 cities in 26 countries, we are proud to present the 10 apps which best answered the AppMyCity! call of making cities more fun, fair, vibrant, and sustainable places. Our international panel of judges will now select the three finalists who will be invited to the New Cities Summit in Dallas. Finalists will each have 5 minutes to present their app to the 800 summit participants, and the winner will be picked by a live audience vote.

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And this year's semi finalists are...

Blue Parking (Valladolid, Spain) provides a real time overview of available parking spots and allows in-app payment. Real time information is user generated so no additional sensors are required, whilst a printable QR code allows traffic wardens to check payments.

Available: App Store, Google Play


Djump (Brussels, Belgium/Paris, France) is a peer-to-peer ride-sharing service that allows drivers to register, users to request a ride, and drivers to answer the call. Users can track drivers in real time, and can choose to give a voluntary donation at the end of the ride.

Available: App Store, Google Play


I Change My City (Bangalore, India)  allows users to upload a geotagged picture of an urban problem. This then gets reported to the local government, and users can track all progress as well as vote to draw extra attention to certain issues.

Available: App Store, Google Play, Mobile web-app


Mind My Business (New York, USA) use​s​ open data, predictive analytics, and a patent pending ranking approach to give small shopkeepers updates on everything happening in their area. This includes upcoming roadworks, complaints by nearby residents, or changes in laws which could affect them.

Available: App Store


Parqueate (Bogotá, Colombia) provides the biggest database of parking facilities in Bogotá, inviting users to add new parking spots as well as rate existing ones. In the future, users will be able to rent out their unused parking spaces through the app.

Available: Google Play

Peerby (Amsterdam, The Netherlands) enables people to borrow the things they need from their neighbours in under 30 minutes. Users post something they want to borrow, and neighbours will get a push notification to which they can respond in a single ​touch.

Available: App Store,  Mobile web-app


RipeNearMe (Adelaide, Australia) maps edible plants growing on public land and food grown by ordinary citizens. Users can locate, share, swap or sell produce, and can even subscribe to a tree/plant and get a notification when it is ripe.

Available: Mobile web-app


SIGA Chile (Santiago, Chile) provides a platform which maps how accessible public places are for people with disabilities. Users can evaluate places and their facilities, upload pictures, and discuss how they could be improved.

Available: App Store, Google Play


Social Cyclist (New York, USA) encourages bike riders to map their preferred routes, report hazardous road conditions, and vote on their preferred site locations for future cycling infrastructure. This aggregate data can then be used by cities to plan future infrastructure.

Available: App Store, Google Play


Switch Skate Guide (São Paulo, Brazil) allows users to add to and browse an evolving map of skate spots. They ​can geotag their pictures and videos to a particular spot, as well as interact with other users.

Available: App Store, Google Play


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